Socks Factory L'Ord specializes in the production of high quality men's socks, women's socks and baby socks.   The decades of experience in the socks manufacturing sector has made L'Ord  among the most important reality in the socks production, both in Italy and internationally.   Attention to quality and details, continuous innovation, maximum reliability in order fulfillment, enhancement of Made in Italy: are the values on which the Sock Factory L’Ord.   Over the yars, L'Ord has built its reputation as a qualified socks producer among the main buyers in the sector.   The Socks Factory L'Ord guarantees the creation of a high quality socks through the use of the most advanced machinery, and using fine and certificated  yarns.   Cashmere socks, Cotton socks, Wool Merino socks, Terry socks, Linen socks: Socks Factory L’Ord is able to satisfy every type of need of its customers with an excellent quality-price ratio.   Located in the south of Italy, Socks Factory L’Ord combines  the tradition of textiles and the artisan vocation of this territory with a continuous search for the most important trends in the socks sector.
  • Men's Socks

    Men’s Socks Production An infinite possibility of designs and color combinations for your socks. Socks factory L’Ord is able to satisfy every type of request of its customers with a wide variety of men’s socks. L’ Ord srl can produce socks with different fineness of knit (96,108, 120, 156, 168 and 200 needles) and with […]

  • Women's Socks

    Women’s Socks Production In addition to the production of men’s socks, the socks factory L ‘Ord has developed strong skills in the production of women’s socks.   L’Ord has developed an highly specialized production process with a strong attention to quality and details with the purpose make this article unique. Ankle Length  Women’s Socks Production […]

  • Kids Socks

    Kids Socks Production Given the great use of colors and patterns in the production of Kids socks. Socks Factory L’Ord has made this item a strategic asset for the company. Able to cover the 0-12 age range, L’Ord  produce Baby and kids  socks of all types with a particular attention to quality and safety. L’ […]